Three important points from the letter No. 100 of H.P.B. to A.P. Sinnett

1) …..Our Society was established to bring together people as searchers after truth, independent thinkers, one having no right to force his opinion on the other: or meddle in his religious view.

2) ….A group or branch, however small, cannot be a theosophical Society—unless all the members in it are magnetically bound to each other, by the same way of thinking at least in some one direction;

3)…..I have sent Vol I of the S.D. to Adyar and am now on Vol. II−the Archaic. This alone with the new information in it will be more than you will be able to digest in 25 years with the explanations promised−if you succeed in forming a Society of your own, faithful to the original programme and doctrine and the Masters, or their teaching.

from The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett, edited by A.T. Barker.

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