The Three Fundamental Propositions of the Esoteric Philosophy

1) The Nature of existence: an omnipresent , eternal, boundless and immutable PRINCIPLE, on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and could only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude.

2) The Method of existence: the immutable laws of cycles, of alternation, ebb and flow, and the consequent periodical appearance and disappearance of the myriads of worlds and universes in the deep space. An alternation such as that of Day and Night, Life and Death, Sleeping and Waking, is a fact so common, so perfectly universal and without exception, that it is easy to comprehend that in it we see one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the universe.

3) The Purpose of existence: enrich the whole, through the individualized experience of its parts. The pivotal doctrine of the Esoteric philosophy admits no privileges or special gifts in man, save those won by his own Ego, through a long series of metempsychoses and reincarnations.

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